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Message from the principal's Desk

This is the age of the global economy and the international village. Boundaries once defined by geography, culture and history are fast crumbling. India is no exception nor is it immune to this change. In fact it has benefitted immensely and is rapidly emerging as a super-power on this new world stage.

The changes are best represented by the tremendous growth of the knowledge economy which knows no boundaries. This new age economy needs to be persistent by a highly educated and internationally competent workforce. Therefore education and training, today, has to be thrust up and geared to meet these remarkable challenges uncomprehended and unforeseen in the past.

We as educators have the liability to educate and train the men and women to participate in an inter-linked and borderless world. We have to equip them with the knowledge, understanding and other tools that make and increase global technological change.

Many Indian students continue to travel outside to extend better edu0cation and a competitive edge on the international market. There are also many who are unable to make the journey due to resource limitations but still want to get an internationally accepted quality education here in India.

To facilitate providing international quality education in India, Salasar Balaji Institute Of Pharmacy has set up an impressive infrastructure with eminent faculties. Students completing their studies from SBIP are placed in India as well as foreign countries.

I consider it to be an honour and opportunity to present before you a group of young, dynamic individuals who have been meticulously groomed to face challenges that lies ahead of them in the industry and corporate world as a whole. A rigorous academic procedure has equipped students with proficient and special skills to do well in various demanding situations with ease and confidence. Interaction with the industry is done on a regular basis through summer internships, corporate guest lectures and timely guidance from academic geniuses as well as corporate titans through various programmes facilitating industry-academic interface.

I welcome you all to the SBIP fraternity to study for Degree assure you that you will have the best of facilities, resources and eminent teaching faculty to help you get the best academic and placement opportunities and fulfill your dreams. With great pleasure and a sense of euphoria we invite you to the Salasar Balaji Institute Of Pharmacy Educational Campus.